At the year of 2018, Our 22" LCD advertising players exported to South Africa applied on the high-speed trains which are supported by Chinese Ministry of Railways.

These 22" fashion style ad players applied in order to totally promoting the digitization service of the high-speed train in South Africa. The users can set and manage the playing time,content,volume etc easily.

Our advertising players have been approved by international market presently, which can be used for finance,transportation,public utilities etc.

.A Big Railway Company in Tokyo, Japan                48pcs

The CCTV Monitors are used on the platform of the station to monitor the driving conditions and the surroundings environment when the train is arriving at the station.

CVDisplay Advertising players were used in Korea Subway

In January, 2017, 120 pcs of 28 inch WFI Advertising Player were exported to Seoul, , they are used in the subway.