Frequently asked questions

1.How to retrieve the information of our website?

Use the search box on the top of the website to search information by inputting keywords.

Click the website map at the bottom of the website and search the relevant content according to the column content.

2.How to print the body of a web page?

All you need to do is click Print on the file menu and select the print options you want.

3. Why can't the web page open?

If you access the Internet through the local area network, due to the local area network to the external exit bandwidth limit, when connecting to the website timeout error will occur. If you encounter the problem that the web page cannot be opened, sometimes you just need to refresh it, sometimes you need to login again at another time.

4. How do I email the current web page?

You just need to click "send" on the "file" menu, click "e-mail page" or "e-mail link" according to your needs, fill in the relevant contents in the mail window, and send the mail.

5. How to create a desktop shortcut to the current web page?

All you need to do is right-click the current page and click create shortcut.